Friday, 29 March 2013

Learning Centre - Religious Education Part 1

Part of our curriculum in Newfoundland and Labrador focuses on world religions. The following pictures are from a Religious Education learning centre that I created to coincide with the outcomes covered when grade three students learn about Buddhism, Christianity, and Sikhism.

The four learning centre areas were Research, Writing, Crafts, and Activities.

Research Station

Instructions for the first activity:

Worksheet for the Contributing to a Cause activity:

Students can research a person or group, or fill out the worksheet about someone from their own community. The worksheets are intended to be collected and bound together to create a class book. A great way for students to see the product of their work, or a nice collection to show parents during parent teacher interviews!

Bonus Activity Instructions:

Thank-you cards can be posted around the classroom as a display piece, or sent to members of the community.

Writing Station

Instruction sheet for a writing section focusing on Buddhism and Christianity:

Sample of the process and finished product:

A great excuse to make a cup of tea while you work!

See my other post for part 2!
*All clipart images used on the worksheets were found on Google Image search

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