Friday, 29 March 2013

Learning Centre - Religious Education Part 2

Part 2 of the learning centre for grade three Religious Education!

Craft Station
(This station has two activities)

Instructions for the first activity:

Sample of the finished product:

Based on a craft from Pinterest

Second Activity:

This idea came from a board on Pinterest
To promote caring for the environment, I used a recycled water bottle instead of a glass jar. The plastic bottle is definitely safer for use in a classroom! This craft was inspired by meditation as a part of Buddhism.

Finished Product:

You can see the glitter starting to settle in the second picture. It really is calming to watch!

 Activity Station
This is the section of the learning centre where students can put the information they learned to good use -- with GAMES!

Instructions for the first activity:

Guess Who inspired game with the original idea from Pinterest

The Religious Education version:

I collected 24 pictures from Google Images and BBC lesson resources and taped the pictures over the original pieces. A little time consuming, but not difficult to do! Instructions for how to make your own version can be found here.

Instructions for the second activity:

A HedBanz inspired activity of my own creation which uses many of the same images from the Guess the Picture game - an extra activity so children won't have to sit out and wait their turn. 
Edit: step four should say no not know...oh dear!

Additional activity idea if students are uncomfortable with displaying religious symbols on their heads: Remove the cards from the headbands and play using the cards as a matching game.

Finished Product:

I created this game by printing out images from the BBC website (listed above) and attached the pictures to construction paper. 

I made the headbands out of construction paper and printed images and attached the pictures using a paper clip. To make a version that will last longer, simply laminate the pictures and headbands. Velcro can be used on the back of the image and on the headband instead of a paper clip, and on the ends of the headband to make the size adjustable.

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