Friday, 29 March 2013

How to: Make a "Guess the Picture" Game

Here are the steps I used to make my Guess the Picture game for my Religious Education activity centre!

1. I made a 3x8 table on google docs (you should be able to do this on any word processor)

2. I added one picture per square and resized them to about the size of a Guess Who game piece (I printed off a test page when I had a couple of sqaures filled to see if they were the right size and did the rest based on that)
3. Once I figure out the proper size, I printed off the good copy of the pictures and cut each square out to be the same size as the original game pieces (print 2 copies, each Guess Who board uses 24 pictures)

4. When I had all 48 pieces cut out, I just popped out the original pieces, and taped the new pictures over them 

5. Then I replaced the pictures into the frames!

That's it! A reusable game for any subject!

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