Friday, 29 March 2013

Math Fair!

Let's Go Camping! is a math problem that Ms. Kikuchi and I prepared for our math fair based on the Hot Potato problem from educational network.

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Let's Go Camping!

Our math fair display:

The purpose of our math problem was to create a student-centred activity where they could work independently or collaborate with their peers to find the answer. No "right" answer was given, they had to prove to us why their answer was the right one and how they found their solution.

We provided hints which included ideas such as "Try using a manipulative!" and "Try drawing a diagram!" which we placed behind the "Hint" labels on the backboard so that students wouldn't accidently look at them before trying the problem on their own first.
Extensions for our problem were placed in our extensions tent.

Overall this went very well! Definitely an idea that I'll keep in mind for my own classroom.

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