Saturday, 30 March 2013

How To: Make a "Caring for Creation" Tree!

This project was originally created with a colleague for a Religious Education activity, but this can so easily fit science curriculums as well! 

Materials: Construction paper - black, brown, green, Glue stick, Scissors, Pencils, Black marker


1. Have students select a piece of construction paper to use as the background colour and lay it aside
- We chose black to make the tree stand out - dark blue would also look great!

2. Ask students to trace an outline of their hand on brown construction paper, cut out the outline, and lay it aside 
- This will make the trunk of the tree

3. Ask students to draw and cut out different sized hearts on green construction paper 
- This will make the leaves of the tree

4. Have students glue their hand outline at the centre of the bottom of the page to create the tree trunk

5. Have students glue the hearts around the fingers of the hand outline to create the leaves of the tree

6. Allow the glue to dry, then ask students to write "I care for the environment by..." on the trunk of the tree, and ways they care for the environment on the leaves of the tree.
- Have students write their ideas in pencil first and then outline in a thin black marker

That's it! This makes a great piece of work for students to post on a wall in the classroom and gets them brainstorming about ways they can contribute to helping the environment!