Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Christmas Activities - Activity 2: Word Endings

In December, some colleagues and I planned three activities that could be used in an activity centre for the holiday season. Each of these activities can easily be adapted from Christmas to winter activities, or objects from any other season! I'll post alternative ideas under each Christmas activity.

Activity 2: Stocking Word Endings
Planned for Grade 1, can easily be adapted for other grades

An envelope to hold all of the pieces.
I would recommend a more durable envelope for classroom storage

The Activity

  • A fun way for students to review word endings (also - word families, rhyming words)

  • Construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, bristol board, laminator 

  • Print pictures of stockings or draw stockings on red construction paper and cut them out (stockings should be at least half of a sheet of construction paper)
  • Draw the white "fluff" for the top of the stocking on white construction paper and cut it out
  • Glue the stockings on white bristol board and glue the white fluff at the top of the stockings. It should stick out around the top about a 1/2".
  • Write the word ending at the bottom of the stocking in black marker.
  • Draw or print pictures of three (or more) candy canes on white construction paper. Decorate them and cut them out.
  • Write words with matching endings on the candy canes in black marker (see picture above and below)
  • Glue candy canes on the bristol board
  • Laminate the bristol board and cut out the stockings and candy canes.
  • Cut a line with scissors or a utility knife in the middle of the white fluff leaving an inch of construction paper on each side (see picture below).
  • Explain how to match the candy canes and stockings to your students.

That's it!
Here is the finished product:

  • Use a flower shape - Write the word ending in the middle and have words on each petal

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