Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Christmas Activities - Activity 1: Mood Match

In December, some colleagues and I planned three activities that could be used in an activity centre for the holiday season. Each of these activities can easily be adapted from Christmas to winter activities, or objects from any other season! I'll post alternative ideas under each Christmas activity.

Activity 1: Face and Mood Matching Game
Suitable for Kindergarten - especially for Language Arts and Religious Education outcomes

Make sure you have an envelope to hold all of the pieces. 
I would highly recommend laminating the construction paper or using a more durable envelope.

The Activity 

  • Match the mood on the faces to the mood listed on the body to review concepts about moods in class
  • Note: Kindergarten students may need help reading the words 
  • Construction paper, markers, glue, scissors, bristol board, laminator 
  • Print various pictures of toys or draw your own on construction paper (make sure they're at least half of a sheet of paper so you can draw or see the expression on the face)
  • Draw the head separately, or cut the head off the picture and lay aside. Create a "stem" at the bottom of the head (see above picture).
  • Glue the body and head piece on bristol board and laminate the bristol board. This makes the pieces thicker and more durable.
  • Cut out the body and head pieces. 
  • Use scissors or a utility knife to cut a line across the neck of the body piece. This allows the head piece to slip in.
  • See picture below for finished product.

 Ta Da!

 Explain to your students how the pieces fit together and then you're ready to go!

  • Use pictures of children in summer clothes for a summer activity
  • Use pictures of students in school clothes for use at the beginning of the year
  • Use popular TV characters to motivate hesitant children to get involved with the activity

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